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Custom prints can be purchased for all of the images on this site (excluding those in the Faces galleries).  

David offers the following types of prints:

- Fine art giclee print on metallic paper, mounted to a rigid backing, suitable for framing

- Chromaluxe fine art metal print with a shadow mounting system, ready to hang

- High gloss fine art acrylic print with a shadow mounting system, ready to hang

David's personal favorite is the high gloss fine art acrylic print.  These prints are stunning.  They have extremely fine detail, true color reproduction and a 3-D like depth to the image not seen in the other types of prints.  All of these print mediums offer stunning image quality and look beautiful.  

Each print is custom printed by a high quality Seattle area photo lab, then inspected by David prior to shipping.  

Following are the current prices for select sizes of prints.  Sales tax, as applicable, and actual shipping costs would be in addition to these prices.

To contact David Hollenback:

1. Use the contact form on this site, or

2. Send an email to David at hollenback.photography@gmail.com.

When he receives your query, David will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.  

If you would like to know more about the different sizes and types of prints and what will be best for a specific image or situation, contact David and he will send you more information.   For specific pricing information please provide a print size and type you are interested in.

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