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About David Hollenback:

David Hollenback is a Seattle area photographer.  He has a wide range of photographic interests including Cities, Scenes (landscapes), Faces (people) and Places (travel) plus he shoots Construction scenes and Architecture. He looks for opportunities to combine locations, settings and people into images that offer the viewer a sense of the place. Vibrant colors and strong contrast are characteristics of David’s photographs.

David has studied with local and nationally known photographers. His work has been shown in numerous local shows and has won several prizes. His most recent shows include the Seattle Japanese Garden and the Local Color Bistro and Gallery in Seattle.

Prints of his work hang in homes in the Northwest and nationally, and can be seen on postcards in Washington stores. His images have been published in local and national publications including the Seattle Times and Shutterbug magazine.

More of his work can be seen on Instagram @hollenbackphotography. 

Contact Information:

David lives near Renton, Washington.  

He can be contacted via email at hollenback.photography@gmail.com

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